The Straight Story

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I’m an American expat living in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. I am 100% writer and 100% film editor, trying to graft the two into a kind of hybrid fantastical, intelligent, meaningful, far-flung, reality-grazing career.

I published a science-fiction novel in late 2013, and I keep writing stories with a pinch or a bucketful of non-realism. Rather than being a form of escapism, a large percentage of science-fiction, fantasy, magical realism and surrealism narratives get at the truth by telling it in unfamiliar terms. We can read and watch ideas without the judgement-clouding baggage attached to well-worn pronouns, and I think this is very important.

I’m proud to work at The Editors as an Assistant Editor. They’ve done some of the best commercial work in Australia, and the editors are brilliant.  Last year I worked on Qantas (Feels Like Home), A-League, Crown Lager, Bankwest, Levi’s, Canon, Woolworths, and dozens of other brands, plus a smattering of films, music clips, and documentaries. I’m absolutely chuffed to have gotten my hands on so many good pieces of work.

I do heaps of editing and assemblies at the Editors, and I’d like to reach out to production crews around Sydney for some after hours collaboration. I’d really like to focus on documentary. I’ll do quality projects for free because I want to build a bigger, better, body of work. I’ll work on my own time and present on the weekends. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.


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