I haven’t forgotten my promise to myself, and my more implicit promise to people on the Internet, to be more politically active. Reading, writing, calling. Physically joining in things in Australia when I can. It’s all the same tidal movement, after all. The USA has Guantanamo Bay and the world’s highest incarceration rate (it’s like a voucher program for prisons!) but also Australia has Nauru and Manus Island and gay people don’t even have full constitutional rights yet. There’s enough evil to go around.

I woke up two days ago to the blood-boiling but completely expected news that the Senate is already hard at work repealing the ACA. So, there’s that on my plate of horrible legislation. I need some time to fully learn and digest all the details and the gristle.

So I haven’t been writing about this stuff, but my excuse is that last month I got married. Then there were a few weeks there when family and friends were packed into my house like a budget summer camp. It was beautiful and fun and very messy. Then I went back to work and it immediately became work-like again. But this is very important. Not because my blog will change any minds or even be glanced at by more than six people, but because writing is how I keep myself accountable as an American citizen and an Australian resident and as a human being who knows and/or cares about other human beings. Even if I prefer my own company to most of them.



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