there are one hundred trillion neural pathways in the brain
with adaptive and elastic properties, like swinging rubber railways
elements of consciousness still not rendered plain by science
an infinity of opportunities for non-compliance, forty-thousand years
of modern human anatomics, struggles for power based primarily
on legs and biceps, exponential curves of socialised behavior, learned
and unlearned mechanisms for survival, observations becoming norms
enforced with violence, inscribed in sacred texts and drilled in children
yet Bob from payroll thinks he know all about them women.
he’s got gas-station t-shirts and funny email jokes! I get to read some

Janice from HR thinks she agrees and wants a girls night,
hey they just don’t understand us right? I’m afraid I’m not enough to part them
from their spaghetti souls and roles that make them feel at home
De-Feminition? I don’t even fit the the definition, I like emotions
and intuition, I cry at every little pebble, so on one level
I love the horrible people, the Rands and Coulters, god bless them,
they need affirmative action, their own paraphernalia
so we know jackals come with all genitalia,
I fear societies who think women are deific
a pedestal was always a cage, don’t you forget it

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