20 minutes with a pen

20 minutes with a pen is a new thing I’m doing to keep activating the part of my brain that actually does the inventing, as opposed to the editing or the grunt work.

I set a timer for twenty minutes, sit down with my journal, and try to think of a new idea, or a new fold in an existing idea. Sometimes I just need to write what I see to get it going. I’m not using prompts. The point is to pull something out of the ether. Mixed results will ensue, I’m sure!

Time passes quickly
I pass slowly.
Hours disappear, gnats whirl in the sun.

I pour coffee
I drink the whole cup.
I haven't looked at anything but a gnarl in the wood.

small boxes, no ticks
lines unreplied to
but the worst of these is
    soup spatter, fur collecting
    in loose fists, an
    overheaped trash can
grease film in the sink
dog unwalked, grass too grown
clothes-full hamper

     old devils,
     slinking back, surging forward
     despite all attempts

cut them at the head, they grow ten more

they say you aren't human,
it's even worse than that

and some husbands, when they cook
they think it's a gift

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