I’m writing a book called Vaganto, in which the world is no longer divided by nation-states. This book occupies an absurd amount of my free time so writing anything else is mostly out of the question. However I can’t really help myself, plus I have bits of short stories and poems drifting around, plus I have a blog on standby in the event that I want to rant and rave about something. It’s pretty new and no promises on regular posting or topical consistency. I’ll Tweet or Instagram if anything shows up

(and you can find those accounts on the contact page though you should give me a good finger-wag if I post too much there)

(social-media proliferation is not currently my thing – I’m currently on a mission to connect with my heart and soul and those activities seem currently at cross-purposes).

Finally, here are some stories and poems I don’t plan to publish:

Blue Juice

Where Were You?

Spider Veins

Letter from a Drafty House to a Migratory Bird

Love Song from Toothpicks to Marshmallows

night is not black

That Warm Light

Each Day it Mattered More

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