Spider Veins

I just can’t
get rid of these spider veins
spinning in
on the thinnest premise

they unfurl
like a beach umbrella
wall to wall
six legs
then millions
marching through my
corpus callosum
my nervous column

this is you
your influence
you pull my grownup teeth
then she who made
she who made me
flashes like a fish
drops in a slip
a scared lump of dolomite
then I become her – dolorous
Dolores Dolores, de la rosa
Lady of Sorrows
her baby teeth shining

everything gets inside of me
is magnified by me
tied up in me
is blowing-over me
knocking-down me
but this
knocked-out knot in me
knows when to leave
that’s the only thing
knows how to leave

these spider veins are destiny?
will they make weak things of me?
I am crusting in a train seat
splitting hairs and missing teeth
following my leaving dream
I feel everything
I can’t stop it –
I feel everything