Vaganto (seeking representation)

A woman searches for her father on foot in a world with no laws or borders.


A corporation makes big money by projecting their clients’ consciousness into the future, terrorising everyone else in the process.

Short Stories

Laughter in a Vacuum (excerpt only – seeking publication)

Dr. Frankel is testing the awareness of vegetative patients by telling them jokes. Rebecca is a patient who doesn’t find him funny.

Blue Juice (excerpt only – seeking publication)

Hooked on a communal drug derived from the warmth and goodwill of its users, Margot struggles to quit and face the loneliness.

Where Were You (excerpt only – seeking publication)

A woman with a brain injury experiences everything as a memory.


Blueberries (in development)

Georgie and Hunter use their imagination to cope with loss and fear on their families’ drought-afflicted farms.

Too Young to be Divorced (in progress)

A 24-year-old waits out the legally-mandated year between separation and divorce.


Never Man
Spider Veins
Letter from a Drafty House to a Migratory Bird
Each Day it Mattered More
night is not black
Love Song from Toothpicks to Marshmallows
Flatlining in the New World

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